Simple SEO Tools to Grow Website Rankings


Simple SEO Tools to Grow Website Rankings

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a core part of any website. Growing your business online will often boil down to how good your SEO is.

Are there tools you can use to grow website rankings? Absolutely – there are plenty of simple SEO tools that can boost the website rankings you have.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed is a tool you can use to measure how fast a website is loading. If you take a URL and run it through the tool, it’ll grade the website’s loading speed.

Loading speed is a core part of how websites function, and a quick loading speed helps with better website rankings.

This tool is excellent if you want to run a technical audit of your website.

The audit will scan the website and create a list of over 100 SEO issues for you to take a look at. It will suggest areas where you can improve and help you to improve your rankings by tidying up the interior of your site.

Correcting these issues is key for ensuring better website rankings.

If we’re talking about simple SEO tools that will crop up, then it’s going to be Google in many cases, and Google Analytics is no exception.

Google Analytics gives you any metric you could need for a website. If you’re trying to figure out how well your website ranks, this is something to take a look at.

Google Trends

Keywords naturally evolve and change over time. If you’re going to cater to the right kind of audience, you need to vary your keywords as is necessary.

Google Trends will show you the most popular searches over time, so you can identify how specific keywords have been doing. This can help you to focus on the right ones for improving website ranking.

Few SEO tools are as popular as Yoast.

The program will take a piece of text on a website, scan it, and provide you with a checklist of things to consider. You will see what you have done well, what needs to be included, and what could be changed.

If you want to track how much traffic a website gets, then SimilarWeb is an excellent tool to look into.

The software will identify the traffic a website receives and allow you to see who is visiting and where they come from. This can help identify critical areas in terms of website ranking.

Final Thoughts

Successfully ranking your website on Google or a different search engine is tricky. You have to understand how search engine optimisation works, how it can benefit you, and successfully manipulate keywords to your advantage.

The golden rule to consider when using any SEO tool is that search engines only consider organic content. This means that if you want to make recommended changes, you have to find a way to create web content that will facilitate that organically.