Three Reasons Why You Need ALT Tags

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Three Reasons Why You Need ALT Tags ON Your Website Images Alt tags, also known as alternative text descriptions, are important for helping search engines and visually impaired users understand the content of an image on a website. They are crucial components of website accessibility and SEO.   Improve Website Rankings   Alt tags allow […]

Why Do I Need Website Hosting

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Why Do I need Website Hosting Having a website is essential in today’s digital age, whether you run a small business, a blog, or an online store. However, having a website alone is not enough. You need a reliable and secure web host to store and publish your website on the internet. Website hosting allows […]

3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Have a Website

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The Importance of a Website for Small Businesses Several misconceptions surround small businesses and websites. It is estimated that around 50% of independent companies do not have a website presence and do not think it is a worthwhile expense. This is a massive misnomer in the current climate. If we consider lockdown as an example, […]