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Three Reasons Why You Need ALT Tags ON Your Website Images

Alt tags, also known as alternative text descriptions, are important for helping search engines and visually impaired users understand the content of an image on a website. They are crucial components of website accessibility and SEO.


  1. Improve Website Rankings


Alt tags allow search engines to index the images on a website and improve its search rankings. By providing clear and descriptive alt tags, search engines can understand the context of an image and rank it accordingly in search results.


2. Creates Accessibility For All Users


For example, let’s say you are writing a blog post about a recipe for banana bread and you include a photo of your finished product. By adding an alt tag such as “Delicious homemade banana bread loaf with walnuts” you are not only informing search engines what the image is about but also making it accessible to those who are using screen readers to navigate the internet.

It’s essential to ensure that alt tags are relevant and informative, but not spammy. Using keywords or stuffing alt tags could result in penalties from search engines, so it’s important to strike a balance between being descriptive and practical.


3. Improves User Experience


Alt tags are also helpful in case an image fails to load on a webpage. In this scenario, the alt tag will still provide a description of what the image would have been, ensuring that the overall user experience is not negatively impacted.

Incorporating alt tags into your website is a small but important step in improving both search engine optimisation and accessibility for all users.

Where to enter alt tags

Why are alt tags are important
Here is an example of an alt tag and where you can enter the image information. This view is taken from the gallery section of the backend of this website.

In summery when you use accurate, descriptive, and relevant alt tags, it can make a world of difference for the user experience and even help you rank higher in search engines. So be sure to take the extra time to make your alt tags shine!